Camp LeJeune, New River Air Station, and even Guantanamo Bay NAS Cuba.
Happy 241th Birthday USMC
I have been honored to serve as your entertainment at Marine Corps Birthday Balls over the past years.
Having played in bands as well as DJ events, I have performed for the Marines from Cherry Point MCAS,
When entertaining at a Marine Corps Ball I will always:
*  Treat the event with the respect and dignity it deserves
*  Make sure the set up is done well in advance so as not to disturb the ceremony
* Wear  Formal Attire
*  Assist if needed with the ceremony (I even have the ceremony music if needed)
*  Play live saxophone music during the dinner
*  Play party music for young and old at the conclusion of the ceremony
*  Play a variety of music including  Hip Hop, Rock, Reggae, Latin, Country, Disco,  or what ever is   called for to please the widest variety of patrons possible keeping in mind different ethnic tastes
*  Keep it clean and acceptable to all patrons
*********************  I have a computer XGA Projector with 8ft Screen and can display any audio/visual or DVD message from the commandant or powerpoint presentation you may require.  *********************  Special Thanks to Units I Played for in Years Past:  2012   MWHS-2,   2nd LAAD,   MWSS-271,   H&HS,   MASS-1 2nd Battalion, 10th Marines  *********************************  2011  MAG-29,  MWSS-271,   VMR-1,  VMAQ-3,  MWHS-2,  2nd LAAD,  VMU-2,  VMAQ-2 Special thanks to: Mona Morell and Richard Rogers at Millers Landing  *********************************  2010     MWSS-271,   MWSS-272,   MWHS-2,   3rd Btn  10th  *********************************  2009  MCAS Cherry Point Military Police Birthday Ball MWHS-2,   MWSG-27,   2nd Radio CLNC CNATT   New River MCAS  *********************************  2008  MCAS Headquarters  H&HS Cherry Point MCAS Cherry Point Military Police Birthday Ball 2nd Anglico ,   MWSG-27,   MWSS-271 ,  MACS-2,  HMM-365    *********************************  2007  Mag 26 HMH-461 HMH 464 MCAS Cherry Point Military Police Birthday Ball MWSS 274 - cherry point MCAS Headquarters  H&HS Cherry Point  *********************************  (Other Years Past) H&S Co S-3 2nd LAR Bn Macs-2 ATC 2ND INTELLIGENCE BATTALION AMMO CO 2ND SPLY BTN 2ND FSSG MWSS 272 MWSG 27  Semper Fi
Sax Music for the Formal Part - DJ Music for the Party  plus Sax DJ